Suspens Jr. was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He is the only child of MiiMii and Suspens and the nephew of Kar-Lethal. He would dance around in his mother's belly when she was in the studio with Supens. After he was born Suspens would bring him to studio sessions in his car seat which pretty much made him destine to want to be a rapper.

Suspens Jr. moved to Miami with his mom and dad when he was four years old. He got his first taste of recording when he made two drops for his dad's mixtape "Suspens the Don vs Lil Jon" hosted by DJ Entice. Everyone mentioned how cute he sounded

Suspens Jr. signed himself up for his school talent show. He was very disappointed that his parents or uncle couldn't attend because it was during school hours and not open to the public. Despite his disap-pointment he was able to win first place performing
"Slidin" in the singing category which earned him a trophy and $100. Suspens explained to his son that this was a very big deal because rappers usually loose to singers because it takes more talent to sing than it does to rap. Suspens Jr. explained to his dad that he beat the singers because he worked the stage better than everyone else and had the whole audience singing along and cheering him on. He was unable to do so at his 1st show do to the infectionin his leg.

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