was an only child raised by a single mother in the uptown area of Philadelphia. By the time he was his son’s age, he was rapping everyday during recess at the Catholic school he went to. It wasn't long before a local promoter heard about the young rapper and recruited him to open for all the big artists he brought down from New York, such as Big Daddy Kane and Rakim to name a few. Suspens’ mother soon found out and forbid him from being a rapper.


Besides being a
writer and producer Supens always designed the CD covers and posters as well as re­corded and edited videos for his artists. In order to perfect this craft, he enrolled himself in the Art Institute of Miami and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in May 2013. He has since then co-produced, wrote, designed & released a new solo album “Out Ya Mind.” The opening single made it to #1 on & Rap-Network Record Breakers.

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