was born in Goose Creek South Carolina. He went to elementary school in North Carolina and Junior High plus High School in Atlanta Georgia. When he was in the 12th grade he moved to Hawaii and after all that he some how ended up in Miami and he hasn't looked back since.  Kuntry always liked to freestyle but never really took rap serious enough to write songs. One day when he was at the gas station of all places, Suspens gave him a free CD. Kuntry told Suspens that he rapped and was interested in putting out his own CD similar to the one Suspens had given him. About three months later Suspens assisted Kuntry with releasing his debut mixtape "Kuntry Tim

Trick Daddy got a hold of
"Hi's N Lows" and invited Kuntry to perform at his night club Miami Knights. This was the first stop of a tour Kuntry put together himself which stretched to the top of Florida,around the south and ending up in Texas. He sold copies of "Hi's N Lows" all the way there and back.

Kuntry has made guest appearances on 106 and Park and Burn Notice. He is currently collecting tracks for his Freshman Album MIAtlien. You can also look forward to hearing Kuntry on the Suspens single "Sunshine", "B.O.B.- I Started My Own Gang" and Kar-Lethals next five mixtapes.

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