was born in the Liberty City section of Miami. He then moved to Overtown with his five brothers and one sister where they were taken from their mother and placed in a foster home. It was here that KB began rapping. In middle school KB and his friends would beat on tables and make beats with their mouths while taking turns rapping.

By the time he got into high school KB new he wanted to pursue rapping as a career. He recorded his first demo in the 10th grade entitled Chevy which received favorable feedback from everyone in his high school.

He graduated and went to college where he made friends with a kid named Corey whom he started recording songs with.

Rick Ross gave them the run
-around and winded up never meeting with them which discouraged Corey and made him decide he didn't want to be a rapper. KB was disappointed, but now wanted more then anything to be a successful rap artist.

 KB began working at Home Depot where he met a rapper/producer by the name of Mario Low. Along with friends Jay, Taj, Jessie and Nay they formed the group Track Fire. They recorded several songs and did shows at Marcus, Booby Trap, Gustos and about a dozen little hole-in-the-wall spots throughout Dade County. Fire drift apart. family


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