Kar-Lethal was born in the southwest area of ­­Philadelphia. At a young age his mother moved him and his older brother and sister to the uptown area of Philadelphia where there were better schools. It was here that he started rap-ping and was discovered by Ruff Ryders recording artists Cassidy, Akbar and Shizz Lansky who called them-selves Larsiny Family. This along with his older sister's alliance with Suspens was just what he need­ed to get his beak wet in the game.


Suspens gave Kar
-Lethal beats and he recorded several solo songs and collaborations with Larsiny Family as well as other artists. Kar-Lethal began to build a huge buzz from his street witty lyrics with credibility to back them up. Unfortunately, Kar-Lethal suffered the same fate of so many young black males. He was arrested for selling drugs and was sent to prison for two years. While being incarcerated he enjoyed hearing his singles play on the local radio station located near the prison in upstate PA. After his release Kar-Lethal vowed to leave the street life to his lyrics so he would never go back to prison. He immediately got back in the studio and released two back-to-back mixtapes hosted by DJ Irie and Touch Tone.

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